Monday, 7 July 2014


Meaning of Goldbricker

Anything of restricted or no value that is passed off as bona fide or important. A goldbricker is here and there used to allude to somebody who endeavors to evade work and/or obligations - as it were, a "good-for-nothing." The term starts from the deceitful practice of covering useless metals with gold. Today, it is regularly used to portray workers who utilization organization time to scour the web or perform other particular errands.

Investopedia clarifies Goldbricker

Goldbricking is assessed to cost organizations billions of dollars a year. A 2007 review by uncovered that something like six out of 10 workers in the United States recognized squandering time at work. Web utilization was the heading time-squandering movement in the working environment, and 34% of respondents confessed to it. Representatives refered to fatigue, extended periods, absence of test and lacking pay as the explanations behind why they neglected to invest this time meeting expectations. The help of long range informal communication destinations like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter has just helped workers' propensities. As per the BBC, destinations like Facebook could be costing U.k.

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